Problems and crises are part of any personal development. Sometimes professional coaching is all you need to make a positive change.

Therefore, in addition to psychotherapy, I also offer coaching and counselling. This can make sense, for example, if you are facing important personal or professional decisions, or want to initiate a more long-term change in your life.

Counselling can be of a one-off session or can be pursued over a longer period of time (coaching).


With my long-term professional experience, I am ready to support you in:

  • Developing concrete solution strategies for personal crises (sleeping problems, anxiety, worries or identity crises)
  • Breaking down inner blockades
  • Making important decisions
  • Clarifying conflicts in both a professional and private context
  • Developing your (professional and personal) talents and potential
  • Refocussing and rediscovering stability in life

Our common goal is that you can successfully implement what you have learned in your everyday life and thus regain the security and stability you long for.

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